Social Media Advertising

Making sure you get the maximum number of leads from whatever your advertising budget is.
Embrace the power of social

Find, engage, and convert new customers

No matter what industry you are in, your customers are on social media. Knowing how to reach them, though, is both an art and a science. That's where we come in. With Red Ant Media, you will:
  • Maximize your ad spend, ensuring you get the most qualified leads for your budget, however large or small it is
  • Grow your brand presence to increase your reach and expand your total potential customer base
  • Reduce wastage, ensuring you don't throw precious marketing budget away on ineffective campaigns

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Our process

How we do it

Our 6-step approach ensures your campaign has the best shot at delivering your goals. We also provide long-term value at every step with deliverables that will inform your marketing strategy, whether we execute it or not.


1. Strategy audit

We need 3 things before we can start to plan a campaign: target audiences, customer journeys and brand guide. We audit your marketing stack first and fill in any gaps.


Marketing strategy snapshot

2. Campaign plan

Once the overall strategy is ready, we set goals for the specific campaign, choose marketing channels and target personas, set budgets and agree on general content types.


One-page campaign canvas

3. Content plan

We plan out the first weeks of the campaign, incorporating both organic and paid content to ensure cohesion and consistency. We also plan timings based on events and your availability.


Live content calendar + ad creatives


Campaign running
Rocket launch - launch your marketing strategy
4. Campaign launch

We set up your campaign on the chosen channel platforms and schedule the first ad(s) based on the content calendar.


Live campaign dashboard

5. Analyze & optimize

Following the content calendar, we produce more ad creatives and monitor the performance of each ad set throughout the campaign using split-testing tools and artificial intelligence.


Ad creatives + monthly reports

6. Final review

At the end of each campaign we review the overall performance and produce a detailed report of the results, including any valuable learnings, which we discuss in a review meeting.


Final report and recommendations

Looking For Heroes

If there is anyone you want working for your brand, it is Roxy. Her enthusiasm for social media and for finding the right solutions for every client is incomparable. Together with Marc, they bring years of experience of running their own businesses and working with clients to deliver truly unique perspectives and solutions.


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