Digital Marketing Strategy

Create a robust marketing, brand and channel strategy that will ensure your marketing efforts succeed.
Laying the foundations

A clear roadmap for success

Successful marketing starts with a clear plan. Without a well-defined strategy it is easy to waste time and money on the wrong marketing efforts. With our digital marketing strategy service, you will:
  • Understand your target audience, through detailed analysis of customer behaviour and the broader competitive landscape
  • Develop a clear and consistent message that represents your brand's values and speaks to your target audience
  • Build a high-impact content strategy based on A.I. insights and data analysis to maximize reach and deliver consistency

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Our process

How we do it

Our approach starts with strategic goals to establish the overall marketing vision as it aligns with your business objectives. In phase 2 we loop in designers, developers and copywriters to set up your killer marketing stack.


Vision setting
1. Target audiences

We systematically examine your target customer profiles, pulling from previous customer data, competitor data and overall business strategy to define clear, segmented audiences.


Target customer personas

2. Customer journeys

Mapping the three stages of the customer journey (awareness, consideration, conversion), we align this with your available touchpoints and outline obvious gaps in the funnel.


High-level conversion funnel

3. Marketing goals

In line with your overall business strategy, we nail down some SMART goals for the business that will inform the campaigns and results going forward.


Measurable marketing goals


Collateral building
4. Brand and messaging

We build the brand guide to establish the look and feel for your marketing creative, as well as tone of voice for all copy to ensure a consistent, clear marketing message.


Brand & messaging guide

5. Website optimization

With brand and messaging established, we go through your website to ensure copy and graphics are aligned, as well as ensuring key pages are optimized and performant.


Website audit + action plan

6. Tooling

Set up of main platforms and tools for monitoring, measuring and launching campaigns, including installing analytics codes and making sure the right people have access.


Tooling list and logins

Looking For Heroes

If there is anyone you want working for your brand, it is Roxy. Her enthusiasm for social media and for finding the right solutions for every client is incomparable. Together with Marc, they bring years of experience of running their own businesses and working with clients to deliver truly unique perspectives and solutions.


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